Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last month

September was the month of the kitten. Besides work, and there was a lot of that, I really didn't do anything but hang out with my cat. I've been really itching to sew, but then he gets in my lap to snuggle and that's that. I'm glad he's an affectionate cat, though, and I hope this isn't just a kitten phase!

sleepy | favorite toy | snuggle
sun patch | discovery of yarn | first family photo
we watched an opera together | which lulled him into an epic nap | snuggle 


  1. I'm envious -- your kitty is so cute (named Dandelion, right?). I just saw your ball gown in your previous post -- so beautiful! It turned out really well -- I love the draped bodice and of course the pockets. I think it will look cute as a shorter dress as well. Great job!

  2. Sewing is awesome, but kittens are better!

  3. Watching an opera together... so cute!

  4. Yes, sweet, little Dandelion :)

  5. I agree, but if only there were a way to combine the two... I'm sure he will become a great sewing companion at some point!

  6. :) I was shocked at how interested he was! We've watched TV together before and he didn't seem to notice. The opera had his attention for a good five minutes!


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