Saturday, March 23, 2013

sewing love

Just look at this mess I made last night. I kind of can't believe I'm posting it on the internet, but I'm so happy about it!! It's just a terrible late-night photo of a mess, so I edited it to try to show the scene as I saw it - through a happy love haze.

It's no secret that I've had a lot of trouble being enthusiastic about sewing for the last year or so. I deeply want to be enthusiastic, but following through with ideas just doesn't happen and even when I do sew I don't really enjoy it. Last night was a flash of the way it used to be, and there will definitely be some finished projects to post soon :)


  1. Ooooh, pretty picture! Glad you were having fun with it!

  2. Ahh good to hear your sewing mojo came back to play! xx


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